Wooden boat building video series with Master Shipwright Louis Sauzedde | Produced by Halsey Fulton | Fish Hawk Films

Want to be a part of something BIG?!

We need your help! We are recreating the Orca boat from the movie JAWS and we need the help of our community to source every detail. From every light, hook and rope to every accessory on the boat. Can you help us find them? We post the picture and you can type in the comments and send us a like or donate anything you like. You will get credit for everything you put in. Let us know what you find.

From lights, ropes and hooks we need everything that went on this boat. If you know someone who has an item that resembles something from this boat or you just like scavenger hunts, we could use every bit of assistance we can get. Reach out to us if your able to track down some of the items from our list.

How you can help!

Watch the latest episode of Orca’s construction here:

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