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  1. Try sourcing an old oscilloscope from a college physics department. I think that is what is there.
    The smaller unit on top is an old water temperature device that used a wire sender.
    I think it was called an XBT. Try NMFS or WHOI in Woods Hole, MA. They may have some around, or a faculty or staff member might too.

  2. Top Photo looks like a signal generator, maybe a Starkit LSG-10A like this one:
    Below it is some kind of vintage oscilloscope, maybe a Sencore PS148A like this one:

    It looks like he’s rigged up a fish finder, the signal generators sends out pulses at around 200 kHz, the scope shows the echo from either the bottom or from some fish when there’s a shorter return delay. I’m sorry I don’t have either of these units, but it looks like they can be had on ebay for around $100 each.

    Of course, the beer can should be easy to get from http://www.narragansettbeer.com

    Not sure what that is in the bottom photo though, maybe a welder?

  3. That looks like an oscilloscope (with round green screen) and some kind of a meter atop it.

    These look like BS props.

  4. Lou and Halsey,
    I have a very similar looking unit to the upper unit (old water temperature meter)
    that you can have for free. Where do I send it? I found it at work today.
    Vincent Manfredi

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